1.Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we don’t believe in locking any unhappy clients into a long term contract

2. Can you set up new books and chart of accounts for a new company?

Yes, we do it all, from A-Z.

3. How are you different than other bookkeeping companies?

We strive for quality, at an affordable price! We have in house CPAs that will review the work. Most Bookkeeping companies can’t afford to give you CPA reviews.

4. Do you fix my bookkeepers mistakes and do catch up work?

Yes, we have a ton of experience getting your books accurate and in order.

5. What is your communication response time?

We reply to all emails and inquiries within 24-48 hours, and most of the time within the same day.

6. I still don’t buy it, what’s the catch?

There is no catch, try us for 14 days, NO RISK TRIAL. Either you will love us, or we will refund you 100%, no questions asked.

7. Does the monthly fees include Quickbooks and Xero fees?

No, every client’s needs are different and there are different accounting software plans that fit better with your business. However, since we are a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, we do offer a 40% discount if you sign up through us.

8. Do you offer custom plans?

Yes, not all companies have the same needs. Contact us for a free customize quote.

9. Are you certified in Quickbooks?

Yes, we are certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

10. Can you review/correct prior years or prior months books?

Yes, we can. There will be an additional charge per month.

11. What additional services do you offer?

We offer senior accounting services, outsourced CFO, tax consultation, cash burn analysis, Proforma financials, budgeting and forecasting, Financial modeling, etc.

12. Do you have expedited service?

Yes, please make an appointment below.

13. Can you set up brand new Quickbooks/Xero?

Yes, we can set it up for you.

14. What happens after I sign up?

We will email you an on boarding email with instructions for you to connect to your accounting software, and share access to your financial statements.

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